The Carme Gimenez i Camins Psychology Centre offers psychological services, psychopedagogy and speech therapy for children, adolescents and adults. A complete personalized attention is offered from initial diagnosis through to posterior monitoring of every one of our cases. Other services offered are personnel selection for companies, consulting and assessment in human resources, courses in graphology (handwriting analysis) and psychoaesthetics.

Carme Giménez i Camins is a Doctor of Psychology at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, as well as a Psychoaesthetics teacher, psychomotor therapist, and diplomas in speech, graphology and business management. She has directed the centre for more than 25 years and teaches at the Ramon Llull University and the Open University of Catalonia. Dr. Carme Giménez i Camins produces publications and collaborations in various media and is the author of books, articles and lectures. Member of the European Federation of Psychologists’Associations  (EFPA) and member of honor of Associació de Grafoanalistes Consultius (AGC).

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